Home Automation

Home and office automation is technology that makes work around a house or an office easier and efficient, like having a remote control for your facilities. This tech involves using devices and applications to control each and every part of your home/office. Such examples include your phone for controlling doors, fans, lights or even curtains. With an automation system installed, you can do small, menial tasks more easily and conveniently. Doing so, your home/office becomes a smart home or smart office respectively. With I-Com Technologies, you can plan and build a great home and office automation system to handle your space/work more effectively.

There are various reasons to make your home/office smarter, usually due to convenience and making small jobs easier. Other uses include the connectivity it brings between devices, oversight on what devices are used and for how long. To control the different activities at home or in the office, a centralized system is required, which is what makes your home/office smart and intelligent. It is the core of the system at work and without the system, it is difficult to implement home and office automation. The system takes care of the different areas of automation to make sure that commands are given correctly.

With automation, your home and office can be made more easy and convenient to manage, reducing the workload on you and your peers. At the basic level, we can use automation to control less intensive activities. Most of these services include having control over locks, temperature adjustments, lighting, music sound from speakers, curtains in different rooms, and even cooking food.

Home/office automation systems streamline your home/office functions to your specific needs. For example, you can control your home with your mobile devices, such as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, use home automation to make your home more comfortable and liveable, pre-program your lights and air conditioner with your specified settings so that your home is always at a comfortable temperature, set up smart speakers to play your favourite music when you get back home from work, or adjust your lights to automatically soften or brighten based on the time of day.

Home automation also allows you to be more careful of your power usage. For example, you can save on energy bills by limiting the length of time for lights to stay on, or by having the fans and air conditioners turn off when you leave a room, thereby increasing your savings in the long run. With resources dwindling away, having your home/office be automated is a great way to save up on electricity usage and helping to save the environment.